People often ask my advice on which of my CD’s they should listen to. Here is some information that I think will be helpful.

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Ambient World

Shakuhachi, Voice, Guitar, Oud, Bouzouki, Fretless Bass, Drums, Percussion, Darbuka

Ambient World is music for movement and meditation. Feel the pulse of the earth, feel the pulse of your heartbeat and let the energy of the music bring them together in harmony. Please join me in an ethereal dance of celebration.

The ‘Sacred Sounds’ trilogy

Consists of ‘Sacred Sounds for the Spa’, ‘Sacred Sounds for the Soul’ and ‘Sacred Sounds for Sleep’. The three CD’s in the ‘Sacred Sounds’ series give the listener important tools for coping with the pressure of our hectic lives. ‘Sacred Sounds for the Spa’ helps with relaxation during the day, ‘Sacred Sounds for the Soul’ opens channels to connect you with your spiritual guides and ‘Sacred Sounds for Sleep’ relaxes you, helping you to receive a deep and restful sleep at night.

Sacred Sounds for the Spa
Solo Shakuhachi

It would be great If you could take this CD with you on a visit to the spa. Just ask the practitioner there to put the music on for you to enjoy during your treatment. We can’t always treat ourselves to a spa visit. Why not try and create an atmosphere of relaxation in your own home by putting aside some time for yourself. Turn off the phone. As part of your break have a cup of tea, relax in the bath or put your feet up, light a candle and put on the ‘Sacred Sounds for the Spa’ CD. Let the music take you to a place of relaxation and tranquillity.

Sacred Sounds for the Soul
Shakuhachi, Voice, Guitar, Keyboards

This is music for meditation, for looking within. The energy of this recording will help you to connect with your spiritual guides, your angels. Try gazing very softly at a candle or some beautiful object while you are listening to the music. Focus on your breath - feel yourself breathing in the music. My vocals in this recording, as in all my music, are without words.

Sacred Sounds for Sleep
Shakuhachi, The London Boy’s Choir played on keyboards

This recording helps allow you to let go of the busy energy from your day.
I recommend listening to it after the lights are out and you are ready to completely relax and be carried away by the music. If you have trouble staying asleep, try putting the CD on repeat mode and have it playing very, very quietly throughout the whole night. I find this to be very helpful for me when I am having trouble staying deeply asleep.

The Spirit of Shakuhachi
Seven CD’s

Solo Shakuhachi

Shakuhachi & Chanting

Shakuhachi & Koto (Japanese harp)

Shakuhachi Duets

Shakuhachi & Voice

Shakuhachi Harmonics

White - Compilation
Two selections from each of the coloured CD’s

‘The Spirit of Shakuhachi’ meditation series contains seven recordings of chakra balancing music. The chakras are the energy centres in the body, seen by some as a swirling ball of light around the body. The chakras are the conduits for the exchange of energy between the physical and the ethereal. There are seven main chakras, each corresponding to a different area of the body, each with its own function and colour.

Listening to the different recordings can help to activate, clear and balance each of the chakras. Using the music in conjunction with treatments such as massage, shiatsu, therapeutic touch and healing touch can enhance the healing process during the session.

For use at home I would suggest several different methods for picking the appropriate chakra CD to listen to. To help facilitate our natural healing ability with a physical ailment, choose the recording that corresponds to the area of the body with the affliction. If it is comfortable for you, gently place your right hand over the area and imagine the music is carried on your outbreath through your hand and into the body. If you can’t physically reach the spot, just use your imagination and feel the music gently flowing into that area in your body.

To use the music for general relaxation and meditation let your heart be your guide and reach for the coloured recording that will best serve your need at that time. We know what is best for ourselves but tend to get in the way of our hearts with our minds. If this seems difficult to do, take a moment before you choose your music for the day, light a candle, take a few deep breaths and then make your choice.

If you are going through some deep healing or major shifts in your life try a week long marathon of healing music. Start at the base of the spine with the red CD and each day move up to the next in the series. At night have the music quietly playing continuously and during the day listen to it as often as possible. I have had amazing results with this method and have been able to release blocked energy in a particular chakra.

Shakuhachi, Voice, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano

The ‘Miracles’ recording is the most lyrical and melodic of the CD’s in the Healing Music catalogue. I use a lot of my voice in this recording. I began to sing the year I had an injury and couldn’t play my Shakuhachi. My voice sounds a lot like the Shakuhachi, I think partly because I was first and foremost a flute player. Sometimes in the recordings I think that I hear my voice singing, but then I realize there isn’t any voice there, it is the Shakuhachi. I love joining the flute and voice with the piano playing of my producer, Steve Raiman. There is something magical between the male and female energies joining in this music that is both joyful and profound.

For me this is music to move to. I love to let my hands ‘conduct’ the music. Let your hands and arms describe the feelings and images transmitted in the music, and let your hands shape and carry the sounds all around your body. Try it with your eyes closed and your feet firmly grounded to the floor. Then just move.

I have been told by many listeners that ‘Miracles’ has been played during births and deaths, both miracles of the soul.

Shakuhachi, Voice, Cello

The ‘Honkyoku’ CD consists of my arrangements of ancient Japanese Zen pieces. The Shakuhachi was originally played only by monks as a type of Zen called ‘Suizen’ or blowing Zen. Up until now the flute has only been played by men and these pieces have only been recorded by men. In my recording I have added cello and female voice to help marry the masculine and feminine energy of this music.

I have always felt the Shakuhachi flute to be a powerful tool for grounding. The energy transmitted through the bamboo helps us to be present on the earth and aware of being fully in our bodies. This is the energy I have always felt from the trees. To help connect you with the energy of the trees, try listening to this music while leaning back against a tree, and imagine your feet sinking into the ground. If it isn’t possible to do this physically then close your eyes and imagine yourself in a magical forest. Pick the biggest, oldest tree and imagine the feel of it against your back. I like to play this music at a louder level and feel it wrap itself around me.

Circles of Discovery
Shakuhachi, Voice, Oud, Guitar, Drones, Marimba, Percussion, Flugelhorn, Didgeridoo, Ocarina, Bass Clarinet, Cello, Piano

The ‘Circles of Discovery’ CD consists of music inspired by the Labyrinth, an ancient sacred symbol that has been found in cultures all over the world. For thousands of years people have walked on the path of this symbol and I think that it is woven into our very being. It is a type of walking meditation, and the energy of the music from this recording helps enhance the power of this ancient ritual. Just as the Labyrinth flows back and forth, around and around until reaching the centre, so this music weaves its way to the centre and back out again. I find this music to be a real journey within and I try to listen to the recording from start to finish whenever possible.

There are finger Labyrinths made out of materials such as wood, cloth, clay etc. It is possible to experience the energy of a Labyrinth by doing a sitting meditation and tracing out the path with your finger. Imagine the music is helping you to flow along the path. When I am sitting and using a finger Labyrinth I love to listen with headphones. I can hear all the subtle nuances in the music and I am really able to loose myself on the inward journey.

Danbrook Collection

The ‘Danbrook Collection’ is a sampler of my favourite pieces from ‘The Spirit of Shakuhachi’ series, ‘Miracles’, ‘Honkyoku’ and ‘Circles of Discovery’. In addition, there are two new pieces that were previously only released in Japan. This was the first time a female Shakuhachi player had had their music released by the Japanese music industry. This CD is a nice introduction for first time listeners to the Shakuhachi flute.

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