2017 YEARLY NEWSLETTER - Debbie Danbrook - Healing Music

Dear Friends of Healing Music,

Welcome to 2017!!! The words and feelings I have for this coming year are: GRATITUDE and ARRIVAL. I am so grateful to be here with so many wonderful beings who are consciously carrying the Light! And more and more beings are joining in this great gathering of Love and Light!!! We have been working towards this gathering for many many lifetimes and I have a feeling of Arrival and Celebration. I feel a wonderful shift, in myself, in family and friends, and in groups around the globe. Please stay extra grounded; deepen your spiritual practice; take special care of yourself; have fun and of course listen to lots and lots of Healing Music!!!


Here are some stories and events from my 2016. It was an amazing year for me!


To start off there is the photo collage at the top of the newsletter - created by my friends Joe and Leo at Orbital Arts! Some of my favourite memories! Me in Japan at my Temple Hozanji (photo taken by my niece, Claire). Playing at a Cathedral in New York for a Sacred Dance Event. (photo taken by Mayumi). Two pictures taken by Alfred D’Sa for my Ambient World CD. And in the middle a powerful Lioness with powerful energy to help carry me and my music through the coming years!!!! This collage is a gift from Steve to celebrate my birthday!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you, I love it!




I released 3 big projects this year: the Sacred Sounds trilogy, the new USB sticks with the Healing Music library and also the Sleep Program. 


The Sacred Sounds trilogy has 3 of my favourite recordings: Sacred Sounds for Sleep, Sacred Sounds for the Spa and Sacred Sounds for the Soul. http://healingmusic.com/frame-catalogue.htm The beautiful packaging designed by Sharon Lockwood, www.zayzayshop.com


The USB sticks are a brand new idea to help get the whole Healing Music catalogue out to listeners: http://healingmusic.com/frame-catalogue.htmThere are 3 versions and the complete catalogue includes some of Steve’s magical piano recordings that were only available before in Japan.




The other release for 2016 was the Sleep Program that I have  been working on for years. I am really happy with the end result and I hope that this program will help many listeners - including people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Thanks to all who helped with the program! And as this is a ‘by donation’ project special thanks to all who have donated at the Sleep Program website - much appreciated. And please keep sending your suggestions about who to pass this program on to. Thanks!





It was a busy and fun year, playing at many wonderful events.


I started off the year playing at the beautiful home of my friend Sue - our annual ‘Bring in the Energy for the New Year’ event. It was sublime and grounding and healing as it always is!


LABYRINTH EVENTS: I offered workshops at several Labyrinth events - always one of my favourite things to do! Thanks to Jill Hewlett for arranging a lovely event in January. Thanks to the Toronto Labyrinth Society for organizing the fantastic event in June and thanks to my friend Joanne Stevenson for driving me!



MUSIC MEDITATIONS: I am so grateful for all the wonderful energy that flowed through the music at the many Music Meditations I offered this year.

A lovely Fairy Altar from my Ceremony at Akasha's Den:

Thanks to my lovely friend Mark Daniel who plays Tibetan and Crystal bowls. We played together almost monthly at wonderful spaces: Esther Myers Yoga Studio in Toronto, Akasha’s Den in Ottawa, Adi Shakti in Ottawa, Kalyana Yoga Shala in Ottawa and Raven's Ridge near Orrilia.


Thanks to Andrea Gerhardt for her beautiful vocals and harp playing at both house concerts and  at Esther Myers Yoga Studio.


Thanks to Chris Gartner for his amazing bass soundscapes - we have played at Esther Myers  many many times and each Music Meditation is a soul journey! Plus we played at a wonderful outdoor event that I'll mention later in my newsletter.


I also offered solo Music Meditations at Akasha’s Den, Orbital Arts gallery and store, at events hosted by the Sacred Dance Guild (www.sacreddanceguild.org), and at an Edgar Cayce study group event. Always such lovely groups to play for! 


I travelled to Grail Springs in Bancroft twice this year - one of the most beautiful places I have ever played at! Thank you Madeleine Marentette for the love you have poured into this space!

There are some lovely videos from Grail Springs coming with my music as the soundscape. I will send them all in a future newsletter!!! Exciting!




I played at one my all time favourite events ever for the Mindfulness Conference here in Toronto on May 13. The event was held in one of the best venues in the world - Koerner Hall. The acoustics in the hall are incredibly wonderful - my flute sound washed over me like honey!! This was also due to the amazing energy of the group - around 500 people who are all conscious beings working with mindfulness meditation on their spiritual journeys.  In the wings, waiting to go on, I was blessed to be in the presence of Thupten Jinpa, the translator for the Dalai Lama. Special thanks to Michael Appolo for inviting me to play at this event and for all his work in organizing this amazing conference.



June took me to Raven’s Ridge near Orrilia for a Soulstice Celebration!! A beautiful weekend event of Healing Music in the Labyrinth, the Medicine Wheel and nestled in front of the pond playing with Mark. Thank you Catherine Jenereaux for organizing this beautiful event!!!

Here is one of my favourite pictures - me and Mark playing in Narnia!


In July my wonderful friend Wendy Morrell hosted a CD ‘PreLaunch’ event at her beautiful home! A lovely group gathered in the back yard to listen and dance and do tai chi to the new recording I am working on with Chris Gartner! This was a fundraiser to help with the recording costs. We had champagne and strawberry shortcake and it was a fabulous night! Thank you so much Wendy for all your love and support!


August was incredible! I offered my yearly Shakuhachi Playday for my students at the lovely Camellia Teas space. Thank you to all my students for their diligence and beautiful playing! And big thanks to Rebecca and Matthew for inviting us again into their beautiful place. www.camelliateas.net


We offered our yearly concert the day after the Playday, a gorgeous event! Thanks to everyone who played including Ian Hepburn with his beautiful harp music. Rebecca Cragg did live Japanese painting during the concert, wow! Lucky audience members got to take home these incredible works of art!!!


Next was the annual performance at Remic Rapids with the fantastic Rock Sculptures of John Ceprano. Stunningly beautiful setting. My students and friends played with me, much thanks for their strong flute/drum/harp performance and much thanks to the Sacred Dancers led by Wendy Morrell. Always a photographers dream playing at this site. Thank you John for all your wonderful work: www.jfceprano.com

Changing gears - next I played on a Pirate ship!!!!! Yes, a pirate ship - the one at Toronto Island that does parties for kids. I co-facilitated a Healing Water Ceremony with Danielle Lobo. Thanks Danielle for organizing this fun and healing event! It was a magical cruise through all the back waters of the islands. Thanks to Matt, the owner of the ship, for taking us all out for a decidedly non-pirate type event!!! (except I did switch my fairy outfit for a pirate look….) But not to worry, the next night I played for a Music Can Heal event in Kensington Market and I was back in one of my regular Pixie outfits!




The fall was an amazing time for me for new Sacred Ceremonies. I am grateful to new friends David Deschambault and Eric Reynolds for their support and love with my ordinations as a Deaconess and a Reverend. Thank you so much. I look forward to offering more healing energy through the ceremonies I will be offering - Weddings, Memorials and Celebration of Life Ceremonies.





Our Palliative Care Association has had a busy year - doing lots of events and helping to spread the word about the healing benefits of music for hospice and palliative care. Thanks to our leader Talia Wooldridge for all her incredible efforts! I played at several benefit concerts and awareness raising events including events at Array Music (beautiful space), Kensington Market, Royal Conservatory of Music and at the gorgeous Earl Bales Park. Here I am playing with Chris Gartner: 




I went to my most favourite ballet ever!!! La Sylphide - a ballet about Scottish Fairies!!!! I went with my great niece Stephanie and we had a magical time!!! Big thanks to my friend Janice Mawhinney for our front row seats!!! And another thanks to Janice for all her help with editing my writing, much appreciated!




I had so many lovely little trips travelling to events throughout Ontario - what a beautiful place we live in! Also had two amazing trips out of the country, one to Mexico and the other to Japan.


I love this story - my friend Sue and I were trying and trying to find a time to get together, no luck. Then she mentioned that she was going to Mexico and I said me too. Then she told me Puerto Vallarta and I said me too. Then her dates - we were going at the same time!!! When I got there my brother took me down to the beach and pointed out Sue’s hotel just a few buildings away!!!! So we had a whole day to hang out and explore beautiful places in Puerto Vallarta!

Here is a lovely picture of us:


The Japan Cherry Blossom Tour was incredible!!! Thanks to the folks who joined us this trip! I so love showing my favourite places and Temples to the group. Here I am at my Temple Hozanji:





I love teaching and I am so grateful to my shakuhachi students who play so beautifully on this amazing but difficult instrument! I also have some Native American Flute and vocal students who benefit from the breath work incorporated into the shakuhachi playing. I love you all!!!




I offered so many workshops and did so many ceremonies this year, including ‘Mantra Meditations’ (create your own Mantra) and ‘Inviting in Light Ceremonies’ (for homes or work places).


Here is a link to our Healing Music website that tells you more about my offerings:






New Recording: I am continuing to record pieces for the new recording with Chris Gartner. This is a beautiful collaboration that has some songs with words - a new endeavour  for me!!! I am loving the music and I can’t wait to release this recording! We already have a music video finished and the artwork ready to go….


Another New Recording: We are adding some new parts on the recording I am doing with Celina Carroll. This is a powerful celebration of music for Ceremony, lovely for walking meditation and gentle movement. Stay tuned for more updates!


Meditation Recordings: The Guided Meditations with David Price Francis are coming along nicely! We will be releasing more of the meditations for our event this year in April. Here are the ones we have released so far: http://www.energyworlds.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/HaloMeditation.jpg


And big hugs to Katee for her excellent help with all my website updates and newsletters!


Whew, I need a cup of tea, that was quite a year! I hope you have enjoyed reading about my adventures! I look forward to seeing you this year at an upcoming event!


I hope you have a wonderful, healing, creative, lovely and fun 2017!!!!


fairy hugs, love, debrina


Breathe in Love
Breathe out Light

NEWSLETTER - January 2015

Welcome friends of Healing Music to my January 2015 Newsletter!!
At the beginning of each year I have a feeling about what this New Year will manifest. This year I am getting a big message of LIGHT. So I have decided to call this year THE YEAR OF LIGHT.

After announcing this at my first Music Meditation for the year I had a friend come up to me and say that the United Nations had decreed this The Year of Light! Wow! This is a funny little aside, but when I arrived home that night the outdoor light that has been broken for maybe 7 years was fixed!!! Let there be light!!! yes

Each year I am amazed at how quickly the year has passed and I'm also amazed at how many adventures I pack into the year! Here are some of the highlights from my 2014.

*** Travel ***

Here is my favourite picture of me at my Temple (taken by my niece Claire)

I'll start with the biggest trip, a wild and wonderful whirl through Japan, Palau, Guam and then back to Japan. I started the Japan trip off with Steve, visiting our 'framily' (friends who have become family), trips to our amazing healer Nishimoto-sensei and, of course, visits to my Sacred Hozanji Temple.

Next to Palau. To get there you travel the four hour flight from Japan to Guam and then another two hour flight west and south, right by the equator. Palau is amazing – a bit like the Galapagos Islands in that there are fish and birds and fauna that are only found in Palau. It is a little Paradise! I had two incredible experiences while there. The first was playing at monuments that are 2,000 years old. When I was walking towards an ancient standing vessel, I was physically held away by the energy emanating from it. I tried another approach, and this time I starting playing my Shakuhachi. I felt a path opening up for me and I followed it through to the centre of these amazing monuments.

The energy was clear and welcoming – I felt that the monuments were happy to have me and my friend Liam there, playing Healing Music, laughing in the sunshine.

The next amazing Palau adventure was swimming with jellyfish!!! Don't panic, these are very special jellyfish – they don't sting! They are tucked away in a secluded lake (quite a journey to get to it) and because there are no predators in the lake these jellyfish have lost their sting! They don't have those long tentacles. Isn't that an amazing analogy for humans – no predators – no sting needed!!! It was one of the most amazing experiences in nature I have ever had, right up there with hanging out with the Gorillas in Rwanda! And it gets better – the jellyfish float right into your hands and they pulse a bright white cross of light – this is their heart beating!!! The littles were soooooo adorable. Thousands of them floating all around.....

Aren't these jellyfish adorable?

Back to Guam to play at my friend's wedding. The chapel overlooked the ocean, so beautiful!
Also just happened to go on a submarine while I was there, it wasn't on my 'bucket list' but the opportunity came up and I do seem to be all gung ho for something different!
Back to Japan for my Japan Cherry Blossom Tour. It was as per usual divine!!! The whole country turns pink and white with the blossoms. We had a wonderful time visiting temples, visiting friends, eating amazing food, attending tea ceremony and studio music performances.... but the highlight for me is always the Music Meditation I offer at my Temple.
Click here to watch on YouTube

Here I am offering a Music Meditation at my Temple.
This big trip ended up being a total of 7 flights, one submarine, boats and trains innumerable....

Here we are having a lovely day in Nara

I had another wonderful New York City trip this year, I just love it there!
I was playing for another Sacred Dance event and I also did a recording for a lovely new choreography creation for Marilyn. The recording was done at the Trinity Church studio which overlooks the 9/11 memorial and the new building going up on the site. The recording engineer had worked for many years in Tokyo and was the perfect person to record my Shakuhachi. The recording felt very, very powerful.

There is so much energy in that area that wants to transform into light and I felt incredibly supported while I created the music that day.

Lovely working/playing with the Sacred Dancers for our performance. Always a pleasure.
I had always wanted to go to the Cloisters in New York and had an amazing time there.

Here is one of my favourite pictures from that day.

And here I am with my friend Sylvia in rural New York at the home of a blacksmith. I wanted to go out to say hi to the cows but realized this cow was a bull and he was coming at us quite quickly!!! So I just started dancing and Sylvia did too. This calmed the bull down so much that he peed all over Sylvia.

Just another Sacred Dance adventure!

I had some lovely local trips – one to Montreal with my friend Eva.
We went to visit her uncle who is a very magical being and he is helping with our project to build a healing crystal musical spiral. I will keep you updated! Fun!

*** Music Meditations ***

My Music Meditations are one of my most favourite things that I do here on planet Earth! I can open my heart and invite in my angels, guides and fairies to play through me, offering a magical, mystical, musical experience for all who are there and for all beings of light connecting with this energy. I see/feel a huge web of LIGHT all around the globe and each Music Meditation helps to light this amazing web of love, light, energy. I of course love to play for the participants who attend, but if you see a Music Meditation coming up and you can't join us physically please take the time to sit back and relax during the meditation and allow the energy to flow to/through you.

This year I have settled into two beautiful, spiritual locations for the Meditations.
In Toronto at www.80Gladstone.com and in Ottawa at www.Kalyanayoga.ca
I am so very lucky to have two amazing, spiritual, talented musicians to play with me at many of these events, Chris Gartner and Mark Daniel. I also have many other wonderful friends that I play and also record with, to name a few, there are Steve Raiman, Ian Hepburn, Ben Pelchat, Celina Carroll, Catriona Sturton, my wonderful students who are my 'band' at some events and many more....
Thanks to you all for your fantastic talents!

The Meditations also take me to many wonderful locations.

I will mention some that I played at in 2014.
Every year I play a 'Greet the New Year' meditation at the beautiful home of my friend Sue.

This just starts the year off right and invites in new and healing energies for all. Thanks Sue for inviting me to play again this year.

I played at a beautiful Tree Ceremony held at Guildwood. So many trees died during the big Toronto storm and many more had to be cut down. It was bitterly cold and there aren't many things that would inspire me to play outside in the icy conditions but I LOVE TREES and I was very grateful to be a part of this lovely ceremony.

Catherine's gorgeous Raven's Ridge retreat in Orillia, complete with Medicine Wheel, pond and a beautiful Labyrinth. I was the first to play music in the Labyrinth and the lighting was just divine – fireflies sitting in the trees all around us!!!!!
A quiet gathering at Jen's yoga studio: Muttita Moves

Ian and I enjoyed playing at Paula's beautiful Glen Garden. It was a magical event....
Some wonderful solstice and equinox Music Meditations this year at Andrew's lovely QiGong classes.

I love the way the energy of the music and the movement intertwingle perfectly!
Another wonderful evening at www.estheryoga.com where we created a Group Mantra.

I have been playing at the Esther Yoga studio for many, many years, and each event is unique and lovely!

I played at a Multifaith Service at the Koffler Centre. This was wonderful – A Buddhist Monk led the participants on a walking meditation through the building. I played in the central open space and the music filled the entire building! Magical.
An inspiring Walking Meditation through the incredible rock sculptures of John Ceprano. www.jfceprano.com

Thanks to my 'band' of students and a lovely gaggle of Sacred Dancers,
all dressed in white and moving through the space so beautifully!
Celeste's beautiful 'treehouse' location. www.theyogahouse.ca

*** Teaching, House Clearings, Healing and Mantra Sessions ***

I have been doing more and more of my Mantra Sessions - some of them on Skype. I love them! Everyone has a wonderful time creating their own, special Mantra and I love facilitating and adding the mantra music. I even did a wee video about the Mantra sessions:

Click here to watch on YouTube

I continue with my Shakuhachi teaching, also doing some of these lessons on Skype. Shakuhachi is difficult but for all who carry on it is truly transformational. Congrats to all my wonderful students!!
The House Clearings and Healing Sessions this year have been so lovely.
Thank you to all who have invited me into their homes and hearts.

*** Interviews ***

I did two lovely interviews this year. Thank you Ann Gelsheimer and Dzintar Cers
for inviting me to be on your programs. I enjoyed both the interviews – it was great chatting about my music with these lovely folks.

Click here to listen to the interview with Ann Gelsheimer

Click here to watch the interview with Dzintar Cers on YouTube

*** Retreats ***

I continue my wonderful retreats at Grail Springs, one of the most gorgeous, spiritual and healing locations I have ever played at. I was there three times this year! Thanks to Madeleine for all her wonderful work at this very special place. www.grailsprings.com 
Here is a photo of me on the Labyrinth there taken by my friend Magdelena.

*** Benefit Events ***

I continue on the Board of Directors for the Palliative Association: www.musiccanheal.org
Thanks Talia for all your continued work with this association. We offered many wonderful benefit events this year. Always a pleasure working with the folks in this group.

I continue to raise funds for the Japan cultural Foundation I stared with my friend Rebecca.
We had a wonderful Benefit Concert in the summer at Rebecca's marvellous gallery:
www.steppingstonesgallery.net, and we look forward to an amazing future concert with Japanese musicians.
Thanks to Liz for helping to organize a benefit Labyrinth walk and Music Meditation for the lovely

St. Andrews Church near Bancroft.

*** New Projects ***

I am thrilled to announce that David Price Francis and I have completed our first Guided Meditation together! We are working on a set of meditations and I will be sending out information on this first one. Thanks David, it is wonderful working with you on these. www.energyworlds.com

I have two CD recordings on the go, one with Chris Gartner and the other with Celina Carroll. I will keep you posted!!

We have two new videos, big thanks to Chris Gartner for his creative vision. We are also looking for a techno person to help in the creation of a Healing Music App. If you have anyone in your circle who does this, please do let me know - thanks!
I am also working on my Sleep Program with help from Wendy, much thanks! When this is completed I will then work on my Palliative Care Program. Lots to do!!

*** Final Words for 2014 ***

Well, I must say 2014 was an exciting year!!! So much going on, so many adventures, new friends, new experiences. And also some lovely settling in, the Music Meditations really taking root. A year of expansion, big shifts. And so many opportunities to invite in more and more light for 2015!

BIG THANKS to all of you who have helped in so many ways in the past year... Helping to set up events, to drive me around and schlepping all my bags of instruments.... Helping with the recordings, videos, newsletters/website. Thanks for all the lovely sleepovers at your homes.... Thanks to all for attending the events and for buying my CD's. Thanks for the love and support and hugs!!!! Love you all!!!!

To end, here is a lovely, lovely moment captured in time.

While in Niagara Falls I had the 'BESTEST' (fairy word) picture ever taken with a darling little blue fairy/pixie behind my right shoulder and if you look very carefully you will see a beautiful Angel of Light over my left shoulder (between the greenery). Isn't this amazing!!!! I know that I am always surrounded and supported by my Angels and my Fairies (I am, after all, Debrina, Queen of the Pixies) but it is quite something to see them show up in a picture! Please feel free to send this photo (or any of the photos/videos) to your friends!

Lots of Love,
Debrina (my pixie name)



We are delighted to announce the release of our latest recording
'Light From the Super Earth'. This is the 19th CD released by Healing Music.

Light From the Super Earth is a soundscape of the galaxy, a captivating musical collage inspired by the unprecedented detection of light on a Super Earth, a planet twice the width of our own earth, 41 light years away. Imagine that light travelling through space to earth, inviting everyone here to receive light from the Super Earth, and to be connected by the light like a great human DNA chain.

Light From the Super Earth offers that invitation, from the imaginations of four master musicians including shakuhachi artist Debbie Danbrook, and from gifted producer Steve Raiman, the two who originated the vision. These intriguing, exciting and captivating sounds are what they believe the light would feel like as music.

The journey of creation began with a chance meeting in Toronto between Debbie (shakuhachi flute and voice) and Grammy winner David Darling (cello and voice.) The musical outcome, blending the mysterious sounds of the shakuhachi with the soulful resonance of the cello, combines earth harmonies and healing tones in a spellbinding union.

The recording started in Toronto at Noble Studios with live off the floor improvisations engineered by George Seara. Additional tracks were added by Debbie and David in Boulder, Colorado at Immersive Studios, tracked by Mike Yach. Debbie’s collaboration with Chris Gartner (electric bass and atmospheres) created another dynamic element, as the bass waves added a haunting power to the music. In London, Neal Wilkinson (drums and percussion) added compelling tribal rhythms to connect our earth with the Super Earth. The drum sessions were recorded by Jon Kelly at Cake Studios. In Los Angeles, violinist Jim Sitterly, famous for his work on 'Lost', created the introduction for the title track. Back in Toronto at Kensington Sound, Ben Pelchat and Steve Raiman shaped the music into the Super Earth soundtrack. Next, the tracks were brilliantly mixed by award winning engineer Jeff Wolpert in Toronto at Desert Fish Studios. The recording returned to England for mastering by Tim Young at Metropolis. Tim is the Grammy winner for his mastering of the Beatles' Love CD.

The resulting music is both ethereal and grounding.

The 11 tracks, each with diverse elements integrating beautifully, include moments of great intensity, and moments of profound peace. There are pieces with voluptuous, primal rhythms, and others with a dreamy and delightful sense of letting go. These musically eloquent works have a mysterious power, sometimes to engage the emotions, and other times to suspend them.

“We are here on our planet now for a critical reason --- to transform our energy into the vibration of light and love,” Debbie says. “The light from this Super Earth is a beautiful new light source for us to absorb into our hearts and souls, to radiate outwards. With almost 7 billion on earth right now, what an incredible web of light we can weave together.”

“This group of talented folks came together for this recording at a critical time in our planet’s evolution,” she says. “If we are going to live in peace, we need to shift our focus from darkness to light. Music is a powerful medium for transformation.
Please join me in my mantra:

Breathe in love
Breathe out light.”

Light From the Super Earth
Was released April 1st, 2013, on iTunes
(feat. Debbie Danbrook, Chris Gartner & Neal Wilkinson) by David Darling

The Light From the Super Earth CD will be manufactured later this year and we will send out a e-mail to let you know when.

Thanks to all the wonderful people involved in the making of Light From the Super Earth and thanks to all who listen to and embrace this new music in their hearts and lives.



Hello Friends and welcome to another newsletter.

2012 was a wild and amazing year for me and also for so many of my friends. There were huge energetic shifts, some magical and fantastic and some challenging. It was like a huge wind blowing all the dust of the ages away! For many years I have had an impression or theme for what the year will bring but last year nothing came to mind or heart. Looking back I can see that it was a kind of wild chaos that was needed to shift gears from the old ways of being and a way to launch us into a new level of awareness. Welcome to 2013!!! The theme that has come into my heart for this year is: Splendour – Simplicity – Serenity. Wow, what an interesting year this is going to be!

It took a little while for this year to fully settle in for me and when I offered a Healing Music Meditation and talk on January 19th I felt a big landing in this new splendiferous year! I always love to play these meditations but sometimes they feel so monumental, and this was one of those events. I am grateful each and every time I can share the healing energy that flows through me and my music.

Travel news:

I'll start with news from my trips to both Japan and Ireland. These are the two places on the earth where my heart constantly calls me to go, and every time I travel to these beautiful places I feel such a soul/heart connection.

The Japan trip this year was a very healing experience for me and for friends I visited. Such a different experience compared to being there just a week after the tsunami. Some very sad feelings still linger in the air – it will take many years for the pain of the disaster to slowly heal. I had to go a bit later in the year for this trip and it just happened that I was there when the first nuclear plant was restarted, which brought up a lot of sadness for the people of Japan.

The Japan tour this year will be at the regular time – cherry blossom viewing season during the first week of April. Music meditations under the cherry blossoms at my favourite temples!

I am trying to keep the heart connection with Japan strong and active. We all felt such a pull in our hearts after the tragedy. To this end I have started a Japan Cultural Fund with my good friend Rebecca Cragg in Ottawa. We are doing fund-raising events and will be bringing some of our Japanese teachers here to Canada – a way of showing our love to our Japanese friends and also a way to offer some of the amazing gifts and talents of these Japanese masters to our friends here in Canada. Stay tuned to hear more about this project.....

My trip to Ireland was very dramatic in many ways. The wonderful friend I visit in Galway almost died a few days before I arrived – luckily he is well after months of recovery. And the bookend to this near death experience occurred on the plane during my return visit when the fellow sitting beside me had convulsions and went unconscious. Luckily I had felt a strange sensation in my energetic field before this happened and had felt the need to stay awake during the night flight. I was able to get him help right away (of course there was an emergency room nurse just across the aisle) and the man was revived and made it to our landing in Canada. Whew.

The actual trip to Ireland was, as always, incredibly fantastic – I find the country wistfully beautiful. The atmosphere there pulls on my heartstrings like a harp being played by the wind. I offered Music Meditations in both Dublin and Galway and loved playing again in both these lovely cities. It was so nice to have my friend Catriona play with me for the Galway event, fun! I travelled to the Aran Islands on the west coast and as I stood at the edge of the cliffs, I felt like I was standing at the edge of the world. Listened to wonderful music wherever I went – live music is a part of everyday life there. I resolved to go to more musical events when I came home. Music is such a source of joy and blessing in our lives and we are lucky to be able to hear so many wonderful musicians. Please join me in this resolve to attend more musical events wherever you are on the planet.

I travelled to Colorado twice last year. In February, Steve and I met David Darling in Boulder to record some finishing tracks on our CD 'Light from the Super Earth'. David is such an inspiration. During the recording session he just keeps on playing and playing and even in between takes he keeps on working away at ideas. The music just pours out of him!

I spent a few lovely days at the Emissaries of Divine Light - Sunrise Ranch retreat centre in Loveland, and then I was lucky to be invited back there again in September to play with David at the Creative Field Conference: Bridging Science and Spirituality. Always a joy and a pleasure to play with David. This was also the 60th anniversary concert for the Emissaries and I felt so honoured to be playing at this incredible event. The attunement healing energy sessions that are offered there feel to me like the energy that flows through my Shakuhachi – clear and full of light.

I have travelled north to Grail Springs retreat centre every season this year offering Music Meditations and workshops. The summer Lady Grail Faire was a delight. The year culminated at the Grail with a Gala Solstice event which included court dancing and music, a play, fantastical costumes and wonderful company. A perfect place and way to see out the Mayan calender and prepare for this new age!

In April I returned to the beautiful and peaceful Five Oaks United Church retreat centre in Brantford. I offered a Music Meditation and Healing Music talk to the wonderful group in attendance. It was a magical few days on the sacred land there. I spent a wonderful week in July up in Huntsville. I played at the Music at Noon series there and also offered several workshops to groups of seniors. Thanks to Sylvia for arranging these fun events.

Recording news:

I am so happy and thrilled with our new 'Light from the Super Earth' CD. The recording process took us from Toronto to London, England to Colorado and then the final mixing was done back in London with the producer who mixed the Beatle's Love CD! This latest CD hasn't been released yet as we are seeking new avenues for distribution. I will let you all know as soon as it is launched!!! I have two other CD's on the go, both in various stages of production. Truly a year of splendour!

I was honoured to be asked by Zasep Rinpoche to play on his new recording of chanting. To this end we recorded Rinpoche here in Toronto. I am really looking forward to playing on this incredible project.

Writing news:

I was really happy to be asked to contribute a chapter for a new book on Women and Spirituality – stay tuned for updates. Thanks to Janice for her wonderful help with the editing.

Benefit events:

I mentioned our Japan Cultural Fund earlier in the newsletter – I look forward to the fruition of this project and will let you know about upcoming events.

My heart was so open when I played at this year's Ottawa Friends of Tibet fundraising event. This is the third event I have played at for them and the exciting news is that after fourteen years of fundraising they have opened a home for Tibetan seniors living in exile in India. The land for this beautiful residence was donated by the Dalai Lama. A beautiful slide show of these amazing seniors was shown while I played my healing music. They spend most of their days reciting prayers/mantras knowing that they are approaching the ends of their lives and knowing that each day/hour/minute is precious, a spiritual gift.

I played at another Pegasus fundraising concert in April, hosted by Mark Battenberg. Pegasus has wonderful drop in centres for adults with disabilities.

I joined the board of directors for a Palliative Care project set up here in Toronto and also played at a benefit concert to support this worthwhile endeavour.

Spiritual teachers:

I was so happy to play for Jac O'Keefe here in Toronto at her satsang spiritual talks. She is a joy and a delight. Jac also attended my Dublin Music Meditation and it was so fun to play for her in Ireland.

Joanna Macy was here in Toronto in the fall and Chris Gartner and I played a Music Meditation at the event. I love Joanna – her message of environmental spirituality is always so strong and clear.

And of course spending time with Zasep Rinpoche is always a time of joy, peace and light. I am so grateful to him for being here.

Lovely Toronto/Ottawa events:

The year started off with playing at a lovely ritual for a 40 day meditation called Winter Feast. A nice way to mark the new year. It was hosted by my wonderful qigong teacher Andrew.

In January I also offered a Music Meditation at the beautiful Beayni home – this has become an annual event and each year the energy transmitted through the music builds and builds....

August took me to Ottawa for a 'Symphony of Sound' concert at the fantastic Dunrobin Sonic Gym. Always a treat playing with friends Ian Hepburn, Jeremy Sills and Johannes Welsh.

In September I played with many of my favourite friends at the annual Ottawa Sound Healing Conference. Thanks to Maike for all her tremendous work in arranging these healing events.

Coleman Barks was here in November and it was great to play for him with my friend Chris at an event at The Inner Garden. Coleman is an inspiration in living life to the fullest! He has such a strong and healing presence.

I offered a very sweet 'Love after Love' poetry and music workshop with my friend Lorraine Gane at the beautiful Red Canoe space. Thanks Lorraine for travelling from Salt Spring Island to bring us your lovely poems.

Labyrinth events:

I played at some lovely events including the opening of a beautiful outdoor labyrinth at a hospice centre in Lindsay. I love playing my healing music while walking on the labyrinth and I especially love playing at opening ceremonies. Thanks Cathy for your help with this event.

Ongoing events:

I continue to teach Shakuhachi and my students are such a joy. Thanks to you all who work so hard and with such devotion. Shakuhachi is difficult but oh so rewarding! We had our annual Shakuhachi Playday hosted again by Rebecca and Matthew at The Stepping Stone Gallery. So beautiful there, a little Japan oasis!

I love my Music Meditations that I offer with friends at The Inner Garden here in Toronto. Some of the ideas and energy for the new recordings have evolved from these events. Always lovely folks in attendance. I have also been playing in the same complex at the beautiful Musideum space, so lovely...

It is always lovely playing at the various yoga studios that I am invited to, such a peaceful atmosphere. I also played at several memorial services and special ceremonies. Plus I continue my energy healing sessions for individuals and the house and work space clearings.

It was a full year indeed! I am looking forward to the marvellous adventures that 2013 will offer.

Please hold these energies in your heart: Splendour – Simplicity – Serenity

With Love,



If you would like to download the pretty Pink Mantra 'Breathe in Love' poster at the end of the newsletter please click on the poster and it will whisk you to the blog - there you can download the poster and join the blog if you want future updates.

Happy 2012!

As we usher in a new energetic age, with open arms this year, let us not forget the blessings of the days gone by... in light of that - I would like to take some time to share with you- the amazing and powerful stories of Healing Music's 2011 adventures.

What an amazing, thrilling, powerful, HUGE year 2011 was!! (I think that I start every yearly recap newsletter by saying what an amazing year it was) but 2011 was an especially fantastic year! Such big energetic shifts, so much going on for me, everyone I know and for the planet itself. Wow. I am so grateful to be alive at this pivotal time.

I will start with introducing a newest feature 'the healing music diaries'
remarkably-blessed, energetic-escapades, of powerful healing proportions...
the first peek into these diaries is the recap of a wonderful year. the 2011 memoirs follow us on some wonderful adventures through Japan, Europe, Africa, America and within our beautiful homeland, Canada. Wherever I went and wherever I played and shared my music I met incredible folks, saw fantastic places and felt amazing, wonderful energy!

( stay tuned to the end of this letter for a special healing GIFT for you xo )


JAPAN in March

The first big trip was to Japan at the end of March. The tsunami disaster was such a shock and my heart felt frozen with the news. I was in touch with my Japanese friends as soon as I could reach them and they were all well but the thought of the impending nuclear disaster was too horrible to fathom. My annual Japan Music Meditation tour was cancelled and I was wondering if I should still go. Every day I read about the condition of the nuclear reactors, and then one evening while eating at a traditional Japanese restaurant I just knew I was being called to Japan. Two weeks after the disaster I arrived in Tokyo to an empty airport. Surreal is the word that kept coming to me throughout that trip. You know those super long corridors in airports that have the moving sidewalks? I was walking with Steve in the semi-dark (electricity was being saved and so lights were very dim in public buildings) and we were the only people in the huge corridor.

Arriving in Japan two weeks after the tsunami to a completely deserted airport, surreal


Another very surreal scene were all the empty cherry blossom gardens. The arrival of the cherry blossoms is a huge celebration in Japan and there are always festivals and events going on throughout the country and people taking a million pictures. This year the cherry blossoms were seen in silence. The whole country was in mourning and there was that hushed stillness you feel at a memorial or funeral.

New blossoms budding at my Temple near Ikoma, just weeks after the tsunami disaster

My friends were so grateful I had come and I was so happy to see them all. Steve and I participated in a Healing Music and Dance Benefit for Japan. I was so grateful I could offer my music to help. It was a beautiful and poignant time for me at my temple there...

Offering a Healing Music Meditation at my temple, Hozanji, soon after the tsunami disaster

Offering a Healing Music Memorial Meditation at Eihoji Zen Temple in Japan two weeks
after the tsunami disaster

Offering a Healing Music Memorial Meditation at Eihoji Zen Temple in Japan two weeks after the tsunami disaster



Africa, Ireland and England (a month long marathon)

The trip to Rwanda just materialized. I had heard about the Genocide
Memorial years ago from Catriona and had felt a pull to go and offer a Music Meditation there but Africa seemed so far away, so many shots and immunizations to take….. When I heard that the first folk festival in Kigali (the capital of Rwanda) was being planned and if I played there, I could combine that event with a Music Meditation at the Memorial, I figured I could go to Africa on the way to Ireland!
Luckily I decided in my heart that I was meant to go before I checked on a map and saw that it was a bit further then I had anticipated. So I headed off to Africa before the extended Ireland trip.

( African Dancers and Musicians in Rwanda )

Rwanda was totally unexpected for me - this is really surprising but it reminded me of Japan in so many ways. The people are very kind and reserved; their demeanour is very much like the Japanese. The aesthetic is also often similar; sometimes I would see a garden and feel like I was in Japan.

Playing at the Genocide Memorial was one of the most powerful Music Meditations of my life. It wasn't painful, it felt peaceful but also with huge energy moving through me at the same time. Again, similar to during the trip to Japan, I felt a multitude of souls but this time all arrayed behind me and part of the energy that was coming through with the music.

It was profound and beautiful and I am so glad I went to Africa and offered this Music Meditation. 2011 was the year to do it for sure and it was also the year for me to experience this connection between Japan and Rwanda.

Now the BEST thing ever.
I climbed a mountain, went into the jungle and hung out with gorillas!!!!!!!! It was truly one of the neatest things I have ever done. I had no idea how fantastic it would be. The gorillas are just incredible, their eyes are so soulful. I loved every minute of being with them....

Read MORE of our African Adventure

Hanging out with a new friend in Rwanda
Hanging out with a new friend in Rwanda

check out the incredible video footage:


Next on the trip, Ireland -
so wonderful, so beautiful, so green!

Originally I had a one week tour in Ireland planned, playing at sacred sites and travelling with a small group.Catriona, one of the friends I was travelling with, works for Dolly Parton and Dolly was playing in Dublin the week before we were to arrive. Well that was an opportunity not to be missed, and so I extended my Ireland trip. I saw Dolly in Dublin, one of the most wonderful, inspiring, fantastic concerts I have been to. Please check out Dolly's wonderful foundation and the great work she does getting books to kids.

I played at some wonderful healing events that Jackie O'Keefe (lovely spiritual leader) helped to set up in both Dublin and Galway. I loved every place I played, but one of the most powerful was at the Spirit Centre in Galway. The centre is on a little island right in the middle of the town called Nun's Island. The group that gathered was very magical, one fellow drove from across Ireland! (not so far really) I am mostly Irish by descent and something very ancient, ancestral came through that night in the music. Then for big fun I would recommend to anyone going to Ireland to visit Bridgit's Garden just outside of Galway. I played there in a beautiful round thatched hut and after the Music Meditation I sat in the bog log throne, I felt like the Queen of the Pixies.

Meditating on an ancient bog throne at Bridgit's Garden in Ireland
where I offered a Music Meditation.

We had a wonderful road trip across Ireland. Thanks to Joanne, ( my friend since I was 4 ) for driving us.  We were on one of the most difficult highways to drive in Europe, but also one of the most gorgeous.  We travelled to as many Megalithic Burial Sites as we could manage  and I offered a Music Meditation at all of them. Smaller sites off the beaten path and we were often the only ones there.

Read MORE about our Irish adventures

Playing in a Sacred Grove behind the ruins of the haunted Duckett's Grove Castle

...on the horizon for 2012

The last part of the 2011 adventure was for recording in London. One of my
favourite drummers, Neil Wilkinson, lives in London - he played on my Ambient World CD. I was thrilled to have him play on one of the new recording projects I am working on, a CD I am recording with
David Darling, cellist extraordinaire!! David lives and breathes his wonderful music and is a delight to play with! He has won a Grammy for New Age music and is well known by folks all around the world. I am so happy to be doing a CD with him and it will be released this spring!!


I am continuing my Music Meditations at the peaceful Inner Garden space here in Toronto. It is such a joy to play with such wonderful friends. Chris Gartner on bass and soundscapes, Carlos del Junco on harmonica, Catriona Sturton on shamisen and accordion, Celina Carroll on berimbau, percussion, vocals to name just a few...

I offer a meditation here every month or so and just love the energy of these meditations. Thanks Rob for envisioning this little oasis of peace in downtown Toronto.


I have also played at some lovely benefit concerts with my guitarist friend Mark Battenberg. We raised funds for the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and we also played at the Children's Peace Theatre Centre. We were fortunate to have wonderful Mark Korven play with us on his unique and fabulous Sarello (cello and sarangi combined). So wonderful having so many lovely friends to play with!


Thanks & love

I am grateful to be able to continue to offer my Healing Music at all the Memorials at Sunnybrook Hospital. Led by the dedicated group of chaplains, these evenings are healing not only for the group that attends but also for the energy of the hospital and all who move through there everyday. Also thank you Andrew for inviting me to play again at the Toronto Hospice Memorial.

I love my teaching of the Shakuhachi and love my students in Toronto,
Guelph and Ottawa and also the few from overseas that manage to drop by.
We had our annual Shakuhachi Funday gathering in Ottawa this year and my wonderful students played at our Japan Benefit there. Thank you all for playing.

Thanks also to Rebecca and Matthew who invited us to use their serene Stepping Stones Art Gallery in Ottawa for this Japan Benefit fundraising event.

I love playing at healing events at the gorgeous Grail Springs retreat.
I played at many lovely events there this year including the Grail Lady Faire, so much fun! Thanks Madeleine for the great job you are doing keeping the Grail running so well!

There were also several wildly fun and healing trips to Niagara Falls.
Thanks Kim and Kassandra for the healing work you are offering to the waters of the Falls. I also played on the American side of the falls and we did a nice meditation around an old, old, old tree. ( Did you know there is a statue of Tesla in the park there? ) I carry a disc of Tesla energy in my bag where ever I go along with a healing token from my temple in Japan. And of course an Angel medallion and a St. Francis of Assisi and a Buddha medallion and and and….. My bag is surprisingly light considering!


I played at another fun filled Sacred Dance workshop with my fairy friend Wendy,
up in Huntsville this time. I love playing for dance and these Sacred Dance Guild events are always wonderful.

Thanks to all the many lovely friends at the many Yoga Studios that hosted my events here and afar. Always wonderful places, wonderful folks & wonderful energy.


Congratulations to Maike for hosting another great Sound Healing Conference in Ottawa. Thanks Maike for all the events you have organized for me to play at.
And thanks to Johannes at the
Dunrobin Sonic Gym for inviting me to play at another Big Gong Healing Concert. Big Fun.


I was so happy to meet Jackie O'Keefe and play for her spiritual gatherings here in Toronto. She is an angel here on earth and I look forward to meeting and playing for her again this year.


I must not forget to mention the huge shift that occurred on November 11.
For many years I have been saying "Double Peace" and throwing my arms up every time I noticed the time was 11:11. I know lots of folks that have been part of this double peace, 11:11 energy. It was wildly exciting to actually have been in 2011, November 11 at 11:11. WOW. I didn't have an event planned but then because of a last minute change in schedules I ended up playing that night with my friend Chris Gartner. The energy was so intense that night and for several days after and I couldn't believe the sound it was making in my energy field. I can hear different energies, usually one or two at a time but for the first time ever I was hearing four distinctly separate energetic sounds. Huge! Everything felt so different after the 11th, it spurred me on to investigate and I had my natal chart done. There was a unique convergence in my chart that occurred on November 11th that will happen only once in my life. New energies were invited in on this day - new energies for new beginnings and infinite possibilities. 2011 was indeed the big shift year.


Every year I have a theme or feeling or focus for the year that springs up in my heart and 2011 was the year of BLISS. Bliss for being alive during this incredible time, bliss for the music that is living through me and bliss for the angels that surround me and all of us. 2011, challenging, yes, but soooooooooo amazing!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic 2012, filled with fun, joy, peace and love.

Lots of Love,
Debrina (my fairy name)


Please enjoy our healing music mantra, a token for your love & support ....
& a blessed reminder of how simple it can be to find peace.

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Dear Friends,

This is Hozanji, my temple in Japan. I will be going to Japan in 7 days to offer my Healing Music at this sacred temple. I will also be playing a Benefit Concert in Nagoya. Please join me in sending light through your heart to this temple, to the land of Japan, to all who are suffering.

I am also offering a Healing Music/Yoga benefit event today, March 23 here in Toronto. Please go to www.bigstretchyoga.com for reservations.

I will be taking donated funds this trip and also in the future to my friend in Japan who is a doctor and runs a hospital in Nagoya. He will be sending donations directly to a hospital in Sendai to support the relief effort. Please contact: info@healingmusic.com for information about the donations.


Dear Friends,

Happy end of the year newsletter. Wow, it has been the most amazing year of wild energetic shifting. I hope that you are all well and are having a lovely wee rest this week.

I would like to share some of my adventures from this incredible year with you starting with the auspicious event that happened on my birthday yesterday. I was standing at the edge of Lake Ontario in the direct line of the sun blazing down onto the water. I was almost blinded by the shimmering water and down this corridor of light a beautiful swan floated right up to me.

The brilliant light, the gently lapping sounds of the water, the beautiful swan, all wove a mantle of peace around me. This event marks the end of this year's energy for me, the Year of Power. (Every year I have a theme and 2010 was The Year of Power).

I have felt powerful shifts in the balancing of the Female and Male energies this year. I hope that each and every one of you have felt some profound balancing of Ying/Yang energies in yourself, in those around you and in our delicate balance with the earth, the animals, the moon, the stars....

I will start my remembering with three things that have changed my life this year. An event, a person, a place.

I¹ll start with the event. There were many, many deaths this year and a very sad one in my personal life but I am so grateful for this experience - each walk with grief is as unique as the being we knew and loved. This grief literally took me through the veil and the whole left side of my field was transported to the other side. I am so grateful to my friends/healers who were there to help me through this powerful, beautiful, heartbreaking time.

Of course I returned but profoundly changed. As always, my temple in Japan was a place/energy that sustained me during this difficult time. I visit my temple each day in meditation and this spring I will travel there again to mark the year end of this death in a ceremony of music and love.

I felt so blessed during this time to receive some Tibetan Buddhist teachings about dying from Zasep Rinpoche. Wonderful wisdom.

The person that again touched my heart so profoundly was Don Miguel Ruiz - he wrote one of my favourite books, The Four Agreements. I first met and played for him years ago at a Wellness Conference in Galveston. His heart energy is the most beautiful, powerful, and encompassing I have ever felt from a healer. I was so happy to play for him again here in Toronto and when I finished playing he again imprinted his heart into my mine. Thank you Don Miguel.

The place that has touched my heart so much this year is actually two places, each an interesting mix of female and male energies. It felt so right for me to be playing at these special locations at events that have helped to balance the energies of Ying and Yang. One of these lovely places is Grail Springs in Bancroft. I have been there to play three times this year and have three events planned for the new year. For me this lovely place has hooked into the energy of the Chalice Well at Glastonbury. I have met some wonderful folks there and have had some quite amazing experiences including this one I will share with you. I was walking/playing on the Labyrinth with my new friend Madeleine and I could hear the sound of a horse walking with us. I knew that I would encounter a horse there at the Grail and the next visit I was invited on a ride. I am a great rider, I used to jump bareback! and I have never fallen from a horse. Well, on my ride the saddle slipped sideways and I fell off, flat on my back. I was O.K. but it was an abrupt lesson in being grounded! This is funny, the horse¹s name was Grace and so I have now fallen from Grace!!

The other new place in my life this year is a lovely performance
and workshop space called The Inner Garden. I am offering monthly Music Meditations there and this has been another very grounding experience for me. I have been travelling and playing out of town so much these last few years that I haven¹t been playing as much here in Toronto and so I am grateful to have found a place to play that feels safe and cloistered, just like an inner garden!

I also offered Eckhart Tolle meditations at this space with its founder Rob. These were fun and gentle teachings that went on for about nine months but I think that they were part of the birthing energy of the new space and they have now ended.

I played at a interesting symposium called Awakening the Dreamer. From the energy of this event I have started a new workshop that incorporates many of the things I love - Shakuhachi Meditations, Labyrinths, Trees and of course Tea! I have offered this workshop in several cities and will continue these in the new year. So much fun.

I continue to play at Labyrinth events wherever I go. I so love the energy of the Labyrinth and how it weaves us all together in its web of light and 'interconnectedness'. Thanks to Deb and Nancy for inviting me to play again at their wonderful Labyrinths on their Healing Grounds.

I returned to both the University of Toronto campus downtown and the Scarborough campus to offer lectures, meditations and workshops. I was also up at York University again for a lecture/demonstration. Both old stomping grounds were I have studied and taught over the years.

I am so grateful to have found a wonderful class of Qigong led by Andrew of the Gitche M¹Qua Centre. I played there last year to mark the Solstice and I felt so at home I joined! They have been playing my music for years and so it was like arriving at another home when I first walked in. I mark the changing of the seasons by playing at each Solstice and Equinox class. I love the energy of this group.

I returned to play at the annual Edgar Cayce conference in Kingston. A wonderful time and wonderful folks. At the conference I was introduced to the gorgeous paintings of Alma Rumball and later I went up to Huntsville to play in the energy of the original paintings.

This is something new and fun. I have been playing for beautiful candelit Yoga classes led by powerful and graceful gals. Thanks to Joanne and Cathy for inviting me.

There were some wonderful summer events. I played several times in Ottawa at Remic Rapids in front of and around the beautiful rock sculptures of John Ceprano. So gorgeous playing there.

I played at my third Sacred Dance Festival, this one again down in Connecticut. Wonderful folks - I love to play for these dancers. We did a Flash Mob Dance in the town of New London and I don¹t think we will ever be forgotten!!

I continue to play at all the Memorial Services at Sunnybrook Hospital. These are very special Memorials and I am honoured to be a part of them. Thank you to all the Chaplains that work so hard and do such healing work at the hospital.

I continue to teach Shakuhachi in Toronto, Guelph and Ottawa. This year we had our Fifth Annual Shakuhachi Playday!! Thanks to all my wonderful students, I love you!

I am also continuing my Healing Sessions for individuals at churches and homes and also my Music Meditations - playing in as many Sacred Sites as I can. I played for the first time in Niagara Falls at the Temple with 10,000 Buddhas. My favourite place to play at this Temple was in front of the Quan Yin statue. As I played I felt her energy focus down into my heart and her music played through me to the group and out to the Falls. One of the listeners felt her arms embrace me as I played. So beautiful.

I also offered a workshop in Niagara Falls at a friend¹s beautiful Labyrinth and we continued the workshop out at the Niagara Gorge. Thanks to Kassandra and Kim for their work in holding and healing the water energy there.

I have been doing regular clearings at homes and workplaces - including a six storey building. Whew!! This is work I do everyday at home and it feels so lovely to expand this energy outward...

I played at another benefit concert with my friend Mark for the Pegasus drop in centre. This was at Hallowe¹en and we dressed up, I was the Moon Spirit and Mark was the Autumn River Spirit. A really fun night and a great fundraiser too.

This was a magical evening - I played at a Haiku Reading and Music Event at the Japanese Embassy in Ottawa with one of my students, Catriona. I love doing these events. Beautiful poetry and the wildest combination of instruments you could imagine including Shakuhachi and accordian!

I played more this year then I have ever done in the past. I am feeling more grounded (I am smiling as I write this) but really, this ability to play at so many events and travel so much is something I couldn¹t have done years ago and so I am grateful for this shift.

A special thanks to Steve and all my friends and family who travelled through this wild and wonderful year with me. I am looking forward to another year of transformation, healing, joy and fun. Next year will be the Year of Bliss......

I hope that you have a wonderful 2011.

Lots of Love,
Debrina (my fairy name)


Dear Friends,

Welcome to another of my yearly newsletters. Time really flies, we must be having fun! This has been one of the most amazing years in terms of energetic shifts. So much has gone on in my life and the lives of those around me. Here is what I have been up to.

A highlight of the year was the trip to Japan. I travelled there with a group of friends/students and we had a whirlwind trip to many of my favourite places. I have included a picture of me playing amongst big bamboo. We played Shakuhachi at many temples, including my temple of Hozanji near Nara. We were invited to some wonderful special events hosted by my friends in Japan. I had a very life changing event at one of the temples where I received teachings in an energetic form that I brought back to one of the Shamanic workshops I played at. The next group trip will be in the spring of 2011.

I was invited to play at three Shamanic workshops this year. Each one was a powerful tool for transforming/healing the earth¹s energy. At the first workshop Theodore offered a gentle journey that helped participants strengthen their connection to Mother Earth. Louise helped carry us over a multi-dimensional Golden Bridge. The teachings I received in Japan were an integral part of this bridge journey. Paula went to swim with Dolphins and brought back their wonderful healing energy to her workshop. I could feel the dolphins dancing/swimming around me as I began my playing.

One of the meditations I offered in the lovely home of Sue also became quite a Shamanic event. I could feel the trees around her place gather in with us and become part of our group. I am always aware and grateful for the trees and their wonderful healing presence.

In contrast to all these profoundly transformative gatherings I played some concerts
for kids at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. I am always in awe of the how the Shakuhachi can quiet a gathering of bouncing, jumping kids. I think that the parents were amazed by the quiet!

Also in the spring I offered a benefit concert here in Toronto with Steve on piano and Mark on guitar. We raised money for a drop in centre for adults living with disabilites. A weird aside, this concert was in the United Church that I practised piano in when I returned from living in the Bahamas many years ago! Small world.

I was invited to play a meditation in Wakefield at the new Centre of Peace. It is a peaceful, wonderful space and this was their opening event. Again, I could feel the beautiful trees that surround the building moving in to listen to the music. A very healing evening.

In May I returned to play again at the Edgar Cayce conference in Kingston. This is a yearly event and I would recommend it to anyone interested in the teachings of Cayce. A wonderful group attends and it is a lovely weekend.

The painter Alex Grey came to Toronto from New York in June - he is one of my favourite artists. I was thrilled to play with him at the lecture he offered. He read some of his poetry and I wove the music around his words.

It was a fabulous summer and I played at some of the most interesting events you could imagine. I danced and played through a Lumiere Labyrinth built by my friend Ruth - 1,000 tea lights in paper bags. Wow. I played at a Haiku conference concert with Catriona. Wonderful folks at the conference and the concert was a huge hit! I played at the Ottawa Folk Festival at the beautiful Britannia Park. I often stay with my Fairy friend Wendy and her house is right beside the park. Wendy and I offered a Sacred Dance event and we trundled all our supplies over in a red kid¹s wagon. Fun. I also offered a meditation at the festival with the participants looking out over the water. Plus I played at several other events during the weekend. I was thrilled to meet Bruce Cockburn there - what an amazing musician and a wonderful person. Guess what, he played my favourite song for me at his concert, entitled Tokyo. I used to listen this piece over and over when I lived in Japan.

Also in July I was invited by Linda & Michael to offer a Labyrinth event at their Sahayoga Centre in Prince Edward County. I love their place, it is one of the nicest I have ever played at. It was a wonderful and powerful event (plus the best food!!).

I played at several events at ITM (The Institute of Traditional Medicine) here in Toronto. I love this space and thanks to Mona & Marco for hosting all the events.

I was also blessed to have the opportunity to play for Zasep Rinpoche¹s birthday celebration. He is the spiritual leader for the Gaden Choling Buddhist temple here in Toronto and we are so lucky to have him here with us during these pivitol times.

I played at four Sacred Dance Guild events this year. Wonderful healing movement dances with Claire and fun clapping/dancing rhythms with Greg. Plus I did the music for a gorgeous dance offered by Natasha down at the Ottawa River with John¹s magnificent rock sculptures growing out of the river behind us.

I continue to play my Shakuhachi meditations at a variety of spaces, including yoga centres/churches/homes. I also did some Kirtan singing with Brenda at some yoga centres. Very fun.

I am playing Shakuhachi at all the Sunnybrook Hospital Memorial Services. Very healing events and I am so grateful to be a part of them. I also continue to play at memorial services for individuals. These are quite powerful heart connections for me as the folks that have died were listeners of my music. The music is being carried to new places.

I am being called upon by listeners to do energetic clearings at their homes and workplaces. This is work I have been doing for myself and friends for many, many years. I am happy to be doing this work for more folks. I also continue to offer my Healing Sessions and meditations for individuals and small groups.

This year my students and I had our Fourth Annual Shakuhachi Playday. I love my teaching and continue to teach in Toronto, Ottawa and Guelph. I am so lucky to have the nicest, most wonderful students!!! I have expanded my teaching and am now incorporating some Shamanic shaker work and also North American Native flute.

I have found another healing place for my own meditation practise with my friends at Lost Horizons. Thanks for being there.

I had decided at the beginning of this year that it would be The Year of Peace. During this wild year it wasn¹t exactly feeling all that peaceful but as I take time to wind down and reflect I feel that I have been transformed by all the amazing energetic shifts I participated in. There was an enegertic block that I had carried with me since Priestess times that released back down into the earth. I do indeed now feel a peace that is deeper and more present. I am so grateful for this year and the old and new friends that have passed through it with me.

I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful, joyful, fun filled end of the year and all the best for the next year to come.

Lots of Love,
Deborah Jayne

Japanese temple
My flute sings a song of peace
Serenity, calm


Dear Friends,

Welcome to another year end newsletter. I hope this letter finds you all well and happy. Whew, time has really flown since I last wrote. Here are some of the events I participated in this past year.

2008 began for me with a profoundly moving experience when I was asked to play my flute at the Sri Chinmoy Memorial Service here in Toronto. For those of you not familiar with Sri Chinmoy he was an amazing spiritual leader and also a wonderful writer, painter and musician. I played a song that he had written for one of his visits to Japan and as the music flowed through me I was filled with the deepest feeling of peace I have ever felt. I even look like a bit like him in the picture taken while I played. I would like to offer my thanks to Sri Chinmoy for the wonderful radiant peace he left behind for us all.
Here is one of his poems:

There will come a time when this world of ours
will be flooded with peace.
Who will bring about this radical change?
It will be you - you and your sisters and brothers.
You and your oneness-heart will spread peace
throughtout the length and breadth of the world.

Soon after this beautiful Memorial I had a gig playing for a modern day Tea Ceremony. The artist, Amy Barbour, had built an entire installation made out of tea soaked fabric. The lucky participants basked in a cocoon of complete sensory delight. I had the wonderful job of playing Shakuhachi for them all.

In April I offered a Healing Music Benefit Concert in Ottawa with Steve on piano and Ian Hepburn on harp. This year the benefit was for Ottawa Friends of Tibet to help them raise funds for the retirement home they are building in India for Tibetans living in exile. The land there was donated by the office of the Dalai Lama. It was a fantastic evening and we had a sell out crowd of 350. $7,000 was raised between the ticket sales and the market of Tibetan arts and crafts. I wish them well with the building.

I played at several Edgar Cayce events this year. The highlight for me was playing at the May conference in Kingston - their 25th anniversary event. I wove my music throughout the weekend and rarely have I felt such a clarity of light in the energy field of a large group of listeners. There were so many big angels there, what a joy and a privilege it was to play in their midst.

In May I also went to Utah to play at a workshop in the mountains there, so beautiful. I combined that trip with a visit to my friend Tim Landers in Las Angeles to do some work/play on a new recording. More news on this next year.

In June and October I was invited to Sunnybrook Hospital to play at the Memorial Services offered for the patients who have died and their families, friends, and the staff who have had the privilege to attend them. There is a very committed group of Chaplains working there at Sunnybrook and they do an amazing job of offering spiritual guidance for the 10,000 people (patients and staff) under their care.

I offered several ŒJourney to the Heart¹ workshops with my friends Lorraine Gane, Wendy Morrell and Jill Davey. One in Toronto and another in Guelph. Lorraine and I also had an Earth Prayers Solstice gathering in Toronto, dancing led by Moira MacDonald and guitarist Mark Battenburg joining the celebration.

In June I spent a week playing at the Sacred Dance Festival in Connecticut. It was the 50th anniversary and some of the original founders of the Sacred Dance Guild were there. It was one of most wonderful festivals I have ever attended. Dancers of all kinds from all over the world. I think I played the most I have ever played in one week! On our last day we had a trip to Jacob¹s Pillow, one of the first dance centres for modern dance. I saw three performances, all fabulous, and best of all I was so happy to spend the day with Carla DeSola. Carla is one of the founders of Sacred Dance and is an Angel of Dance. Thank you Carla for being here. Thanks also to Wendy Morrell, organizer extrordinaire for her excellent dance festival planning. Well done!

In November a British choreographer living now in North Carolina, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, came to Toronto to perform with me and friend Celina Carroll at the Gladstone Hotel. I met Claire at the Sacred Dance Festival, what a wonderful dancer. Claire and I then drove to Ottawa to offer a Sacred Dance workshop there - Phoenix Rising. The trip fell on the Remembrance Dance weekend and I was blessed by being able to attend the Memorial Service at the Cenotaph in downtown Ottawa. Very moving. Afterwards I went with Wendy and friends and drank beer and danced at the Legion. My life is always full of strange contrasts!

Back to Toronto to play an Autumn Trilogy concert with Steve and Mark. A lovely wee concert enjoyed by all.

The year had some really unique, fun events. I played at Kathy and Patrick¹s super fun wedding at one of the gorgeous estates at Sunnybrook. I had my Tarot read by Kathy out in the courtyard here under a mystical tree. Wow, it was an amazing story the Tarot had to tell. Ruth and I danced on a magical labyrinth woven through the woods somewhere in Almonte. There were lots and lots of fairies dancing with us.

As always the Labyrinth inspires and guides me, plus offers wildly fun opportunites for dance and frolic. Our Guelph workshop was held at the Jesuit Ignatius Centre and the outdoor Labyrinth offered us a sacred space where we were blessed by Sun, music, dance and festive scarves! At Toronto Island I danced on the beautiful red cedar chip Labyrinth that rings a wise old tree and had a huge revelation occur that day. One of my oddest Labyrinth workshops was held at the University of Toronto in a noisy common area - still the magic managed to flow through to the walkers and observers both.

I continue to play my Shakuhachi Meditations at a great variety of spiritual centres - some of my favourite being yoga centres. I also continue offering Shakuhachi lessons and Healing Sessions in Toronto, Ottawa and Guelph. I have such wonderful students, a joy to be with. We had our Third Shakuhachi Play Day - here in Toronto this year. I am planning a trip to Japan in the spring with some of these students and any new and old friends that wish to join us. Shakuhachi meditations under the cherry blossoms at my favourite temples.

I have met some wonderful new friends following the Sufi spiritual path and I will be finishing off the year joining them to play at a Festival of Lights gathering this month.

Sending you all LOTS of LOVE and LIGHT for the coming year,

Listen to the sound
Shakuhachi fills my heart
Peace, compassion, joy

Newsletter: December 2007

Dear Friends,

We are moving into the festive season again, marking the end of yet another year. What an amazing year it has been. I decided it was to be 'The Year of JOY' and to this end I offered a series of Joy events with my friend Lorraine Gane. We gave Joy workshops in Toronto, Ottawa and Guelph with help from friends Michelle McMillan and Wendy Morrell. The Joy theme was wildly embraced at our summer retreat at Rice Lake. Our retreat was at a wonderful 'green' centre, it was great to be off the grid in an oasis of calm and harmony. Just to get you ready for next year, it is going to be 'The Year of Gratitude and Abundance'. 2008 - look out for a fun and fabulous year.

Working backwards, in November I had an action packed month of travel. I started off with playing a benefit event for 'Friends of Tibet' in Ottawa. Then I travelled down to Utah to play at a healing retreat in the mountains - I had a wonderful horse ride through the canyons; beautiful. Back to Toronto to play at the Palliative Care Conference here. I played at several events during the week but the Memorial Service in particular was a wonderful heart opening evening. My dear friend Ruth Richardson was at the conference and she laid a Labyrinth in pink tape! for one of the workshops. I then headed down to Florida to play at an event at the Ritz Carlton. I was able to spend time with my wonderful friend Donna O'Toole. I sat under the embracing arms of a Banyan Tree in Sarasota. I am a 'tree person', I love them all, hug as many as I can, but I have never felt this kind of intense energy off of a tree before. If you get the chance, go and find your own Banyan Tree and spend some quality time with it.

I had many wonderful Labyrinth events to play at this year. I love the Labyrinth, the gentle energy it sets up in a space, and the opportunity it offers us to invite new healing energies into our lives. All of our Joy events included the Labyrinth. Steve and I played at Earth Dance, part of a world wide event to celebrate peace through dance. We had two Labyrinths set up that day, they looked like a giant butterfly!

I continue my Shakuhachi lessons and Healing Sessions in Toronto, Ottawa and Guleph. The Shakuhachi Play Day was held in Ottawa this year and we incorporated the Labyrinth into the fabric of the day. I had one of my favourite moments - all my students walking the Labyrinth playing a heartfelt musical meditation with Ian Hepburn, harpist extraordinaire accompanying us and Ruth Richardson and fairy friend Wendy Morrell dancing the energy through. WOW.

We walked the outdoor Labyrinth in Toronto's High Park for the Solstice. I saw a man sitting amongst the flowers and his head was tipped back, just like the blossoms. I invited him to walk with us and it was so lovely to meet him, he was trying to be like the flowers and plants of the earth and to absorb the energy of the sun just like them. What a treat to walk with such a person of light.

I played at a powerful healing event hosted by healer Abdy. There have been many cycles of huge energetic waves moving through us this last year. This event really helped to clear a path for these energies to move more easily. Whew, it was a very intense playing experience.

I am always grateful for how my Shakuhachi flute continues to teach me about new energies. I played at another event for 'Friends of Tibet' in the spring. I was walking through the audience playing a meditation. I stepped behind a Tibetan gentleman and suddenly the sound/energy shot up over my head and off behind me. I had never experienced this before. I took a deep grounding breath and carefully played into the flute and this time the sound moved through and forward. I found out after that I had stepped into the energy field of a bodyguard for the Dalai Lama! His field automatically repelled outwards, powerful but in a manner to maintain peace.

This was another new experience for me, I offered a clearing for the oldest hotel here in Toronto, the Gladstone. The Shakuhachi's healing tones automatically offer clearing and invite in healing and balance for individuals and spaces but this was a Big clearing. I played from bottom to top, crawling into little used spaces and ending up with a wonderful healing ceremony on the roof. My friend Celina Carroll played her fabulous Berimbau to accompany the Shakuhachi. The Berimbau is a powerful string and gourd instrument that like the Shakuhachi has been used in the past as a weapon for protection.

Some other adventures included a super hot June retreat in Utah, again with Dr. Peeke and many fun gals. Really hot, shimmering heat and a wind like a blow dryer! It was a quiet event for me compared to my previous experience there six months before. During one of mountain hikes in Zion National Park I entered a sacred grotto space. The arms of the Mountain Deva embraced me while I played and I stood with sacred water supporting my back. As I played the energy of the Deva poured through me and out with the sounds of the shakuhachi - I will never be the same, I was transformed by the experience. I send my love and gratitude to the Deva.

I had another life changing experience when I returned to Tuscon in March to play at a Healing Music Symposium. I was staying way out in the desert with my healer friend Melinda Connor. Melinda is so amazing! We were driving home late at night and turned a corner and encountered a wall of cows, they had breached a fence. Melinda can move through time and she pulled us all back about a second and a half. When she then hit the brakes we were able to stop without injury to us or the cows. I managed to stay present in my body for the experience, it was amazing!!

February took me down to Donna's great space in Florida. I played beside the waterfall in her backyard to a wonderful group. Donna took me to see Manatees, such beautiful, graceful, peaceful beings - and big!

What else, lots of lectures and presentations here and there, I offered three presentations through the University of Toronto lecture series. Played at wonderful Yoga centres, United Churches, Japan Foundation events...

CD news: Ambient World was released at the end of last year and is being danced to all over the world! I love the drums in this recording, I really wanted/needed some Shakuhachi music to move to. I also recorded a new CD entitled 'Feng Shui' with Steve on keyboards and our wonderful guitarist Brian Hughes. This was something new for us, we did it for a large company Solitudes and it was released through them.

In the Spring Dr. Peeke and I recorded a CD with my music and her words of inspiration. I know that this will help many people on their journey. Alfred D'sa, amazing photographer/surgeon did the fabulous photoshoot, great fun.

Leslie Bridger has just finished her second DVD with us, her beautiful pictures and our Healing Music. Steve did a wonderful job with the soundscore. This lovely DVD will be available in the future on our website.

Christine Gross released her DVD 'We Are Timeless: The Radiance Technique in Hospice Care' at the Palliative Care Conference here in Toronto. This DVD features music from my 'Sacred Sounds for the Soul' CD which has been embraced by palliative care workers. The music is being used to help ease people through the grief process. People are also using this CD to help them during the passing over stage during dying.

I have partnered up with TARA in California who owns a large company of delightful products for massage and relaxation. We have released our Sleep CD through her and envision many of our other CDs coming out with her during the coming years.

Steve recorded his sixth CD of solo piano music this year entitled 'Starlight'. This is my favourite CD of piano music of all time. Steve's CDs have only been available in Japan but I will make sure that we get this one out on our Healing Music website this coming year. It is gorgeous.

To finish off the year I am playing this weekend at a Christmas holiday event at Spadina Museum, hosted by the Japan Foundation. I will be joined by my students from Ottawa and Toronto with a special appearance by my student Catriona playing Shamisen, a wonderful Japanese stringed instrument. It will be a fun mix of Japanese and Victorian holiday traditions.

I wish you all a wonderful, happy and fun holiday season and all the best for the coming year.

Lots of Love,


Newsletter: September 2006

Dear Friends,

It has been a wonderful and exciting year. So much joy, so many marvelous people and places have passed through my life. Here are some of the highlights.

I traveled to Japan in the summer. I spent time at my favourite place on the planet, my temple Hozanji. As I write this I look over to one of my altars. Pictures of my temple, incense from there and exquisite Japanese singing bowls that I play each day. Lovely.

I was invited to Japan to meet with a Kabuki theatre group, the only troupe of women performing this unique style of theatre. We hope to work together in the future. I had an amazing trip to Tuscon in February where I played at a symposium on Healing Music at the University of Arizona. The desert is so powerful. I had a mystical experience singing in the moonlight to a dying horse named Red. So sad, such a beautiful animal. I was deeply touched.

While on that trip I was able to attend the largest gem and rock show in the world. Huge crystals, beautiful gems and stones, everything was just gorgeous.

In the fall I traveled to Utah where I played for Dr. Pam Peeke at another one of her marvelous retreats. Picture me on top of mountains playing my shakuhachi to the group while eagles soar on the haunting melodies floating out over the valleys below. The climbing is a wee bit arduous but the views are spectacular. What a fantastic planet it is!

I continue my monthly trips to Ottawa. Teaching the shakuhachi, offering healing sessions, playing for workshops and at special events, my Ottawa trips are busy. I always manage to have extra fun while there with my wonderful friends, especially with smiling Ruth and fairy Wendy. We offered our yearly Ottawa Healing Music benefit, this time in support of the Friends of Hospice. Shakuhachi and voice, with Steve onpiano and Ian on harp, a beautiful night of music.

My shakuhachi teaching has expanded and I brought together students from Ottawa, Toronto and Guelph for a Shakuhachi Play Day. We had a master class then ate a wonderful Japanese dinner. What an amazing group of shakuhachi lovers.

I offered a series of workshops with my friend Lorraine. When I combine my music with Lorraine's poetry, magic happens. We had many special events but the themes generally centred around the topics of Spirituality, Wellness and Creativity. I also played at many Labyrinth events, indoors and out including a magical illuminated Labyrinth twinkling by the woods. 800 tealights shining under a full moon!

I met many wonderful healers this year, including Roland, someone I knew from a past life in Japan. I am so grateful to have the healing presence of these souls in my life.

Two more pieces of news. I had the zany delight to attend a Chris Isaak concert. Do you know his music? Lovesongs full of longing, sadness and joy. During the concert Chris came down into the audience and he danced with me!! He has quite the heart energy, I have almost recovered from the thrill.

Last but not least the most exciting news. The new CD, 'Ambient World' is almost here. Number seventeen and this one has drums! It is time to get dancing. I will let you know when we have it in hand.

All the best in the coming months.
Lots of Love,

Newsletter August 2005

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for your support of my Healing Music. I want to share with you some of the exciting events that have been happening in my life.

In April, 2005, I travelled to the world EXPO in Japan to play at Expo Hall. Our trio consisted of me playing shakuhachi and singing, Steve Raiman on grand piano and Brian Hughes on guitar. It was a wonderful concert; a full house and the music was magical. We stayed on in Japan for almost a week of cherry blossom viewing at many of my favourite temples in Japan.

In May I played at a women’s retreat held in Utah. The landscape there is amazing. I carried my shakuhachi in a packsack up to the top of mountains where I would play across the expanse. What an incredible experience. The group was let by Dr. Peeke, an American doctor who is promoting wellness for women. The last event I played at with her was in Aspen. I look forward to more mountain adventures.

In June I performed at workshops across Canada. One of the workshops was at a favourite spot of mine, Salt Spring Island, a lovely little island close to Vancouver. I was so happy to be there, playing my flute in the old growth forests. I am planning to offer a full weekend retreat there in the summer of 2006.

I have just returned from doing some recording in Los Angeles. Lots of exciting new music for a variety of future projects. Many new creative seeds were planted during these sessions. I was thrilled to be recording once again with Brian Hughes. He played an amazing array of guitars. Steve Raiman oversaw the recording in his role as producer. What a fantastic job Steve has done in producing all the CD’s in the Healing Music catalogue.

It has been a rich and varied year so far. In 2004 I spent a lot of time resting and renewing my spirit after the death of my father. The last CD I released, ‘Sacred Sounds for the Soul’ was for my dad - my greatest fan. I was able to play this recording once for him before his death. As I sat there holding his hand I knew there would only be this one time for him to hear this music. It is a precious memory. My dad’s last words to me were “You are a good flute player”. I’m not surprised that this CD has been embraced by the palliative care community and is being used as a tool to help with grief.

As part of my renewal last year I returned to some of my musical roots, combining my music with movement. I composed a score for a large modern dance piece based on the Sufi poem ‘The Conference of the Birds’. A work based on the spiritual journey. I also produced, composed music for and danced in a new work entitled ‘HERE, blowing Zen’. My first dance performance since I was seven years old! The piece will be remounted on the stage in 2006.

I look forward to the future journey of music, healing and fun.

Lots of Love,